Text by Linda Köke9pages
Handwriting by ArchDesigner19 (Sétif, Algeria)

Handwritten by ArchDesigner19 through Freelancer, this report features black text for the main content and personal comments in red.

Text by Linda Köke (AIR Brabant)

Artist-in-Residence platform Brabant is a collaboration between the providers of artists’ residencies in North Brabant. AIR platform Brabant’s objective is to raise the profile of AIR programmes while garnering more attention for participating artists. Heightening the AIRs visibility to the public is certainly called for, but also for the art world, by following the artist’s trajectory and by explaining the added value of the programmes through publications and research. In addition to exchanging knowledge and facilities, the meeting is also afforded a fundamental role. This is why AIR platform Brabant organises gatherings and meetings that are designed to inform, inspire and engage.

AIR Brabant

Handwriting by ArchDesigner19 from Sétif, Algeria 🇩🇿

  • Please tell us where you live (city, country), and your occupation.

    Sétif, Algeria, Architect

  • How would you use the gratitude you earn out of this work?

    My earnings go to living expenses

  • How did you feel about reading the text you’re assigned? Is there anything you (un)learned after re-writing it?

    I felt that artists are trying to express their thoughts that one endless and meaningful in a tiny liminal space and trying to break those chains of the pandemic. I learned and I have had experienced it already that I have to try new stuff and I thank the liminal space in other words Corona maybe this sounds extreme but for this part I guess I would never do what I did being locked in. I am a different person now the liminal space reseted my life.

  • Have you had any new discoveries or encounters as a result f the pandemic? If yes, what are they?

    Time management and using every second of it is my new discovery or my new respectful thing.

  • During the residency with Seira and Teresa, we also spent some time thinking about how “patriarchy” in Japan and the Netherlands is considered. How is “patriarchy” considered or discussed in where you live (or your country?)

    Patriarchy is in a certain way the society ideology but nowadays all that goes on in family members minds is how to survive and get food on the table (Don’t be surprised). That’s it and no one cares who dominates or controls the day. The only caring point is to create happiness to the little kids.

  • Similarly, how is “feminism” considered or discussed in where you live (or your country?)

    “Feminism”. My country is trying to give equal rights for women socially, legally and politically that what they say. I see women are dominating in all kinds of occupations and are doing a respectful job and they contributes with great success t building a peaceful home. I believe we should say men and women complement each other rather than say men and women are equal. A child needs both mother and father (and they complement each other), thus leads to family and caring.

  • What does “home” mean to you? Can you consider someone who is not blood-related but still can be considered as your “family”?

    Home is a circle of people, thoughts, a peaceful environment of expression, respect, and trust. In order to consider a non blood-related as a family is much harder than starting a family in the first place. Maybe a friend of the family, not “family.”